Calvary Baptist School Staff

Teachers who believe their profession is not just a job; it is a “calling” from the Lord. The Calvary Baptist School Staff is passionate, trained, qualified and faithful to God’s calling. For employment opportunities, click here.

Dr. T. Michael Carney


Marsha Price

Principal / 4th & 5th grade Math

Stephanie Forbes

Administrative Executive Assistant

Susan Barr


Lena Forbes

PreK Assistant

Wendy Schifflin


Rachel Westbrook

1st grade

Abigail Harris

2nd grade

Belinda Bastille

3rd grade

Deja Gentry

4th & 5th grade

Steven Foxworth

Middle School Bible & History

Rebecca Dufrene

Middle School Math & Science

Melissa Dugas

3rd grade Math & Reading

Ashleigh Fluence

STEM teacher

Stephanie Watts


Bob Becnel

PE Instructor